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What is Cloud ERP and How Does it Work?

There has been a significant shift in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry that is changing the way companies handle their most fundamental operations. The term “Cloud ERP” describes this

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Best ERP Systems

Best 15 ERP Systems in 2023

ERP systems, or enterprise resource planning systems, are complex software frameworks made to coordinate and monitor every facet of an organization’s activities. ERPs act as a centralized repository and a

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What is ERP

What is ERP and How Does it Work?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) continues to be a trending solution in the business world. While ERP systems have been in existence for several decades, they have evolved and adapted to

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Order Management

9 Benefits of Order Management Software

With the introduction of e-commerce and the growing trend of multi-channel selling, firms’ order fulfillment processes have become increasingly complicated. This is where Order Management Software (OMS) comes in, acting

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Top 9 Software Development Trends in 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization and automation, enabling companies to remain resilient even in difficult situations. Many businesses have embraced new technologies and changed their business models. In this

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Best devOps Tools

Best DevOps Tools in 2023

DevOps methodology is a culture that bridges the gap between developers and operations staff, while DevOps tools help to automate the SDLC process. The DevOps tools focus on the automation

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What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development is an umbrella concept developed to respond quickly and consistently to the ever-evolving and changing software needs in the field of project development. Agile Software Development benefits

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What is CI/CD in DevOps?

DevOps Automation Best Practices

With the use of DevOps automation, software development has evolved to a very different dimension beyond agile. Implementing agile approaches to application development is possible, but it still has trouble

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