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The concept of Agile began to be pronounced in 2011, and the concept of DevOps has started to accompany Agile in recent years. Many companies worldwide have entered the Agile and DevOps transformation process by implementing practices such as dividing tasks into smaller parts, creating smaller but more focused product development teams, changing the concept of title and continuous integration.

The most important feature of DevOps is automated infrastructure setting up application deployment. Actually, DevOps is the automation of the software development life cycle to make faster and stable deliveries and releases.

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DevOps Automation Benefits

As software companies implement DevOps as a service and start using cloud systems, they have begun to automate each and every step implemented in the software development lifecycle. In this way, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) has been created, and much faster versions have emerged.

The updates and the products prepared in the DevOps process are quickly transferred to the live environment without delay. It processes continuous planning, development, testing, delivering, and monitoring. The development process here is called "pipeline". The processes in the development activity are automatically advanced through the tools.

With DevOps automation, faster deployments and releases can be made in the software at a lower cost. However, the DevOps culture is more important than the technology investment for all this to happen.

DevOps Automation Best Practices

Continuous Integration (CI):

Continuous integration (CI) mostly refers to the process of automating the compilation of the software development process to make a working deployment to a test environment. The main goals of CI are to make a working deployment and improve the quality of the application in the fastest way possible.

Continuous Testing:

Automated regression testing is something. Agile teams often embrace this as it helps fix problems immediately and deliver higher quality code. This also works in DevOps because the operations staff's greatest need is for submitted code to meet a certain quality standard.

Continuous Delivery:

Continuous Delivery is the continuation of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process that the built, test, deploy and release to production stages are made. When continuous delivery is implemented properly, customers will always have a ready-made structure that has undergone a standardized testing process.

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DevOps Automation Testing

In classic methodologies, the test phase is handled at the end of the project, and all modules are expected to work flawlessly as desired. This situation can become quite risky, especially in projects that require a large number of integration points and extensive business knowledge. To prevent this, Agile methodologies need to be supported with DevOps practices. From a testing perspective, Continuous Integration equals "Continuous Testing".

Automation Scripts for DevOps

A script allows automating a set of functions that an operator can execute individually.

With DevOps automated tests and scripts, developers and testers can work together because they can use the same packaged containers in the same development environment that runs in an automated pipeline.

This eliminates long delays associated with developers and testers trying to replicate each other's test environments. In addition, by following some of the best practices in automation scripts for DevOps, your organization will gain great benefits from continuous integration.

How You Benefit From Process Automation By NIOYATECH?

DevOps Process Automation helps companies to make faster deployments and releases at a lower cost. Our professionals are specialists in their field and act as trusted advisors, giving you sensible advice and direction on how best to implement your IT methods.

Our vision is to empower IT pioneers to make simple decisions and help IT departments find answers to achieve the right business outcomes with the right innovation. These are the benefits you receive when the required actions are taken and achieved without exception.


We provide independent consulting and solutions for businesses. As professionals and experts, we know the market and understand the business. We offer DevOps as a service to help and guide you to the best cloud benefits with DevOps tools for your business.

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