QA Test Implementation, How Do We Test?

NioyaTech helps clients enhance their quality process by finding the root causes of defects across The IT organization and offering a path to software quality product and process improvement. QA Test Implementation enables us to track and support the product from start to finish, from planning to client use.

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Our team ensures that quality products are obtained by correctly identifying the needs and determining the issues that will contribute to product development.

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We contribute to obtaining cost-effective products by obtaining quality products in a short time.    

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We ensure that the product is sustainable with after-service support.

Nioyatech works with software engineers and SDETs to undertake manual testing, automation testing, and software testing (SaaS) to make complicated technologies and operations sustainable and controllable.

Unit testing is the first level of testing the written code. The program developers themselves perform this stage. Unit testing is the process of testing the smallest testable code.

Integration testing ensures that the completed unit tests function together. The goal here is to connect the produced software components together and assure their accuracy.

Smoke testing is done for finished parts before the project is completed. The main issue here is to determine which test scenarios software testers will test. Advantages of smoke testing;

  • Simple and easy
  • Saves  time
  • Allows for the earlier detection of errors.

QA Test Implementation  by Nioyatech,  Technology/ Tools We Use

Our software engineers use a variety of technologies and tools to ensure the product is of the desired quality:

Appium, Postman, SonarQube, JMeter
Jacoco, Selenium, Cucumber, Test NG , Junit
CodedUI,  Pytest,  Unittest,
Protractor, Cypress, Mocha, Gesture

Our Quality Assurance Services 

QA Test Implementation is the process of prioritizing and organizing tests. This process is carried out by QA engineers with real test cases (positive scenario/negative scenario) and test data. We have refined QA and testing strategies and methodologies that integrate seamlessly into the development lifecycle without crossing the critical line between the development and software quality assurance processes.

The environment should be prepared that may require tests require the use of a primary or specific method or tool. The risks and priorities to be encountered in this environment should be carefully controlled. This is provided by the Test Leader. In addition, the Test Leader must be prepared for each positive and negative scenario in the Test Data or test environment.

Recently, writing code, setting up the test environment, and testing has become a process that goes together. Developers are expected to write and test their code before the sprint (Agile Methodology) ends. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of this, the progress of the processes in this way detects the errors that may occur in the written codes early and minimizes the error rate when the process is completed. Changes in the product development phase can render the entire test application dysfunctional. This will cause the testing process to require ongoing maintenance. Every change in advanced products can impose a significant maintenance burden on the test application. 

When the developed product is evaluated as a whole, the early test environment and test-oriented software process contribute positively to the product development process.

Why Test Implemantation in Nioyatech ?

NioyaTech offers advanced solutions to individuals, institutions and organizations in software, which is an important sector of the technology sector, after getting approval from the quality assurance test. so It does this without wasting time by brainstorming with its experienced team. 

If you want a quality and sustainable product, Quality Assurance as a Service (QaaS) is an the most important thing if you want a quality and sustainable product and our team consists of experts in this field. You will meet a team that gives direction in this company customer service and software testing proceses in the best plan. Your Project Make the Right Choice for Your Future. Choose NioyaTech!


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