Smart Matching Tool

Brings The Hands Together

Smart Matching Tool is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based program that matches mentors with mentees.

SMT smartly pairs newly arrived third country nationals (TCNs or newcomers) with the volunteered members of the local community in order to help them overcome the daily life difficulties and challenges at the early stages of their integration process.

SMT provides;

SMT Use Cases

SMT can also be adopted in different areas to find precise matches for people seeking arrangements such as in employment, social, or education programs.


SMT can match talented scholars with students, introduce expert mentors from various professional fields to universities, schools, corporate training, and in other educational venues.

Governmental Bodies or Municipalities:

SMT can help to cross-reference talents and skills within projects or tasks in any programs or events by applying a semantic similarity approach.

Social Programs:

SMT can help;

  • to find the perfect fit for singles with high quality matching in the dating business.
  • to find travel partners or housing partners.
  • to match the landlords with tenants.

App Features

Gathering Data
All available and relevant data
Preparing Data
Transferring the raw data for AI model
Model Implementation
Choosing the most suitable model
Model Training
ML Algorithms
Testing against the real world
Model Deployment
via ML Ops pipeline on the cloud

Success With SMT

Reduce Risk

Find details of activities in the city

Improve Efficiencies

Use the app in several different languages

Use Data

by Local Authorities



This project has received funding from the European Union's Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) under grant agreement No:957978.

Smart Matching Tool