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NioyaTech’s Quality Assessment (QA) Service looks at the entire organization from a quality aspect - how do its people, processes, technology, and tool use support the firm's quality goals? NioyaTech helps clients enhance their quality process by finding the root causes of defects across the organization and offering a path to software quality product and process improvement.

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What do You get From Quality As A Service (Qaas)?

First, it is helpful to discuss the necessity of quality as a service. The quality assurance process enables us to support all phases of complex technologies 24/7, from planning to customer use. This ensures that services and products meet international standards. Quality Assurance as a Service (QaaS) performs full control of an operation according to its methodology. Therefore, if you want the product or technology you will acquire to be of the quality and continuity you want, you need QaaS. QaaS lets you take control of a system's cycle, from planning to operation to the end-user. Quality as a service is providing test quality by qualified engineers with test tools. NioyaTech conducts manual and automation testing to make complex technologies and operations sustainable and controllable. NioyaTech team makes both application and web service quality at the best level with Software As a Service (SaaS).

DevOps Services

Technology / Tools We Use

(JUnit, TestNG, Selenium, Cucumber, Jacoco, SonarQube, JMeter, Postman, Appium, Jest, Mocha, Cypress, Protractor, CodedUI, Pytest, Unittest, PHPUnit, Codeception) NioyaTech provides all these hangers with 24/7 customer service to obtain a flawless and sustainable product. While our team is testing the software, tools, and applications such as Selenium, Sonarcube, Jacoco, Jmeter, Postman, Cypress, Appium work with different software languages ​​using frameworks such as Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber, Jest.

How You Benefit From Qaas Services By Nioyatech

DevOps Consulting:

Software Quality Assurance is a process that ensures the product is of the desired quality. Our experienced software engineers do this with software tests.

Just as Quality as a Service has standards, software testing also has standards. These standards are called Softwater Test Life Cycle (STLC). To achieve the objectives of these standards, certain requirements must be met.STLC stages;

Stage-1: Requirements

At this stage, the requirements are examined and questioned. It sheds light on determining the scope of testing by deciding what to test and what not. The whole team communicates and feeds off each other.

Stage-2: Test Planning

It is the beginning of the testing process. Here, the software testing target and the methods used are determined. Risks are minimized by making a risk analysis of the sources and methods to be used.

Stage-3: Analysis and Design

Which method should be followed for analysis? The answer to this question leads us to the conclusion. First, "What will be tested?" The question raises test requirements. In this process, writing detailed test scenarios will minimize the risks. Second, the "How" question is dictated by our design. Here are the points we should pay attention to;
1) Determination of test scope
2) Determination of test data
3) Setting up the test environment

Stage-4: Test Implementation

A test environment should be created for the test run at this stage. Unit tests of the codes developed by software engineers are made. Then software test engineers start testing with integration tests. It continues with functional testing and testing of the remaining parts. In the last stage, an acceptance test is performed, and it is checked whether the user requirements are met.

Stage-5: Test Execution and Conclusion

The code developed by the software engineers is tested, and it is checked to see whether it gives results following the desired criteria. The error is reported.


NioyaTech offers visionary solutions to institutions and companies in the software industry, which is the locomotive of the technology industry. It does this without wasting time by brainstorming with its experienced team. If you want a quality and sustainable product, Quality Assurance as a Service (QaaS) is an indispensable criterion, and our team consists of experts in this field. Here you will meet a team that manages customer service in the best way. That's why Nioyatech means satisfaction.

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