Why Outsourcing Software Testing is Important?

Outsourcing software testing is necessary to reduce the cost of the time and resources allocated to the testing process of a project, to obtain concrete results independent of your customer and IT teams, and to provide documentation in accordance with the software testing process and standards.

In IT projects, producing high-quality solutions with limited time and resources is always the primary goal. For this reason, Software testing techniques are a critical component of project reliability in order to get the most out of the product.

Software Testing Automation
Software Testing

What is Software Testing?

To produce software in the IT industry, many people need to work together as a team. First of all, the Business Analyst receives the requests from the customer and transfers the desired requirements to the document. 

The Software Architect designs the architecture of the software based on the requirements in this document and produces the design document. Based on the requirements and design documents, Software Engineers code the software and forward it to the test engineers for testing. 

Test engineers test the software and forward the errors they find to the software engineer to be corrected. The software engineer updates the code and returns it to the tester for testing. This cycle continues until the software is as error-free as possible, and finally, when it is judged to be error-free, the codes are taken live by a DevOps Specialist and a new piece of software is born.

Companies have difficulties in employing so many personnel in different positions. In this case, in this cycle within the project, they found it more efficient both in terms of money and time to outsource some work to other companies that are experts in their field. Moreover, companies can focus on their core business in which they are experts. Quality Assurance and Software Testing are one of the areas in the IT industry that many companies choose to outsource.

Software Testing Outsourcing

With the method of outsourcing software testing, it is ensured that the work given to the companies is done by expert companies much cheaper, in a much shorter time, and with fewer mistakes.

For example, a software company can take the test service to be implemented in the project from another testing company and perform software testing with expert test engineers. 

Thus, the total cost is reduced, product quality and assurance increase, and the most important thing, customer satisfaction is increased.

Why Do We Need Software Testing Outsourced?

Outsourcing Software Testing means delegating all testing documentation and functionality in a project to an independent tester, testing firm, or testing-related third party.

It has proven to be very costly when compared to outsourcing as companies try to update themselves with the latest released testing techniques, adopt best practices, and continually streamline test productivity.

As a result, enterprises that do not have long-term goals to create core expertise in testing and make it efficient would choose for software testing services outsourcing.

Many companies will choose to outsource software testing because they cannot divert their focus from product development and spend their time and money setting up test facilities.

Benefits Of Software Testing Outsourcing

We have listed some of the benefits of outsourcing in software testing.

State-of-the-art testing techniques and tools: 

Testers or test-related third parties can provide specialized services in a specific area or in a variety of areas, including Web UI testing, Mobile testing, Cloud testing, and many new technologies such as Embedded Systems testing, Big data testing. Thus, they can offer a variety of recently used testing tools in addition to the regular tests.

Cost savings: 

The most important benefit of Outsourcing is cost savings. Building testing competence involves higher testing cost, burden of testing tools, costly infrastructure setups. Therefore, software testing will be expensive compared to outsourcing. Outsourcing generates revenue gains.

Whole testing strategy: 

They can provide all kinds of testing services, from simple testing that includes all testing strategies to quality assurance, testing consulting, manual testing, test automation, new generation testing (mobile testing, embedded testing, digital testing, big data analytics, medical device testing, etc.)

According to “Gartner Magic Quadrant“, effective test automation is required for application executives leading DevOps initiatives to succeed. By adopting the latest SDLC models such as Agile and DevOps, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution, They offer STLC services such as Bug Management, Test Management, Test Data management.

Expert testers: 

Testers will have advanced knowledge and experience in all open source and testing areas and will have command of the necessary software testing tools, automation frameworks and all necessary hardware.

These testers not only seek innovative solutions but also provide solutions to testing problems faced by all customers. They can solve the toughest software testing problems that come up during the testing phase.

Neutral point of view: 

Testers provide unbiased evaluation and reporting of the test at all test stages. Thus, they can provide accurate feedback independently from the outside. 

Outsider reviews and tests have always proven to be better. The different     perspective will have a special eye that examines every detail of the product. A different perspective will help improve product quality more quickly. Even book authors give their books to editors for review after they’re written.

Delivery time: 

The company doesn’t have to worry about the possibility of missing product delivery schedule and software testing deadlines. This helps to reduce the time spent on the software development process.

Different time zone: 

Working with a team that lives in a different time zone takes advantage of the time zone opportunity. When they wake up the next day, the test report is ready. This will again save time and increase efficiency.

Negative Aspects of Outsourcing Software Testing

Security Issue

Data security is a very important priority for the customer and the company. The data of the company and the customer are needed for efficient testing throughout the testing process. Following the data exchange, you should monitor the data’s security until it is returned to you.

The following are the ideal security methods for ensuring the security of the organization and the user data: 

Data protection and encryption

Authentication and all login information

Network security required for web application

Situation recovery and all job security services

The Quality of the Test

Another problem is that it is difficult to control the quality of the test. For example when the product owner wants to expedite product testing without making a large financial expenditure. Following the distribution, your QA team may discover that the program is buggy and has several compatibility concerns.

Working Remotely

When you work in a company’s office, you can always run your tests in a way that can be checked. However, in companies that outsource, testers can be chosen from around the world. This is not only enforced by data privacy, security, and protection laws, but different countries may have different standards when it comes to software testing.

QA Testing
What is QA Software Testing

When to Outsource Software Testing?

For beginners, the team cannot be expected to be an expert in every field. Test engineers in small companies do not have enough skills and equipment. Thus, it would be a better option to choose a software testing outsourcing company. During the testing process, team members with this equipment have full knowledge of the methodology.

In the software development process, it is difficult for the team to meet the deadline. If the team is tired and lacks the skills and resources to run quick tests, you should outsource QA testing to meet the deadline. With its experience and sufficient resources, it ensures customer satisfaction by making high-efficiency tests and producing quality products in a short time, and thus meets even the strictest delivery times.

QA outsourcing saves you money on the tools and resources needed for software testing. It is much more economical than the budget to be spent on training the existing team. You don’t want to include a software tester on your team for a short-term project.

For example, the company’s readily available ERP system includes API features that will only last a month. No one on your team knows how to test software to make sure the app is working properly. In such a case, you can get service from the IT company, the software tester required for your customer and your business.


In today’s fast and intensive software development market, outsourcing in the testing process is a very important service.

As a result, if your existing test team in your company does not have sufficient skills and resources, you should hire a software testing outsourcing company. The Testers here have and use the most up-to-date testing technologies and tools to achieve the highest quality software in terms of usability, functionality and efficiency.

We can say that quality is the most important stage in the software development life cycle, as it prevents the occurrence of errors that may occur in your project. If you are looking for Quality Assurance for your software, Nioyatech’s QA services are the best choice. 

Nioyatech’s approach integrates seamlessly into the development lifecycle while maintaining the critical separation between development and software quality assurance processes. Their subject matter experts collaborate with you to select the appropriate frameworks and technologies to enable your QA strategy and integrate it into your development lifecycle.

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