Case Study: Clarusway’s Administration Transformation through BOSS

The Bootcamp Operating System (BOSS) is a web application that NioyaTech created to simplify the management of IT bootcamps. All administrative tasks, including admissions and student affairs, receive extensive help from BOSS.

Key Areas of Impact

Streamlined Admissions

Enhanced Student Affairs Management

Operational Efficiency

Transforming Clarusway Administration with Bootcamp Operating System - BOSS


Clarusway, a Virginia-based IT bootcamp, offers comprehensive online training in technology disciplines such as Coding, Data Science, and Cybersecurity to a global audience


Clarusway faced challenges in managing its administrative tasks efficiently. The need for a comprehensive solution to facilitate the admission process and student affairs management was critical for enhancing operational efficiency


BOSS was implemented to address these challenges, offering a modular approach with specific support for admissions and a holistic solution for managing student affairs and other administrative processes

"Adopting BOSS was a game-changer for Clarusway, all thanks to NioyaTech's expert guidance. They helped us enhance our LMS, defining the experience we wanted to deliver. Working with NioyaTech was effortless and their impact on BOSS's development invaluable. I highly recommend NioyaTech for their dedication and expertise.”

Benefits and Outcomes

Automated Administrative Tasks

BOSS centralizes and automates the bootcamp's administrative tasks, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors

Increased Efficiency in Management

BOSS helps in optimizing operations, allowing staff to focus more on educational quality and less on bureaucratic processes

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